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MOT Centre in Portslade, Brighton and Hove

Starting from £30, no booking needed just call us before.

The MOT is effectively the examination of a vehicle’s safety-related components to make sure that they have not worn to an excessive level which would otherwise render the vehicle unsafe for use on the road. It is possible for components to pass the MOT inspection and be recommended to either be changed or replaced.

Car Servicing

Services starting from £70, call us or book online

Operates a menu price for servicing your vehicle dependent on the make, model and engine size, and we will always be pleased to quote you. Carrying out a regular servicing program is essential for any car to keep the vehicle roadworthy and safe and to avoid accumulating problems for the MOT test.

Car Repairs & Diagnostics

It’s more important than ever for a technician to make a fast accurate diagnosis. With all the sophisticated electronics on modern vehicles, it is essential to have the right equipment to diagnose faults. If not, mistakes can be made leading to incorrect and often expensive parts being fitted unnecessarily. There is no tool that will cover all vehicles on the road so we have invested in a number of diagnostic computers enabling us to read most vehicle systems to manufacturer level.

Car Tyres

Choosing tyres is easy with Fort Garage. Our tyre experts will always recommend the right tyre for your budget, your vehicle and your driving style.

Our range of performance tyres is designed to offer drivers the ultimate in control and safety. To complement the power and comfort of high performance saloons, estates and GTs. So you can enjoy a smooth, exhilarating ride, whatever the road conditions.

Reduced Tyre Wear: Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear. Over the years, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tyre life.

Improved Fuel Economy: Fuel economy increases as rolling resistance decreases. Total alignment sets all four wheel parallel which, along with proper inflation, minimizes rolling resistance.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is increasingly seen as standard tackle on new cars due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger calm. However, customers are only just realizing that systems do require regular maintenance.

Vehicle air conditioning systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as refrigerant permeates through the material joins between components. Over time this will cause deterioration in performance.

Worse still, if you leave air conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur, lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture may enter the system.


We supply all the leading UK brands of standard and performance exhaust systems for all makes and models of cars.

Regular exhaust checks could help the environment as most vehicles are fitted with a catalytic converter which converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they ever leave the vehicle's exhaust system.

If your exhaust is not working efficiently you may be producing harmful gasses and increasing your fuel consumption; checking that your exhaust is working correctly will ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as saving money!

Our staff are trained and experienced in the fitting of exhaust systems, if you need an exhaust fitted let Fort Garage be your first choice.


We all know that your braking system is what stops your car safely and that regular inspection and maintenance is important.

The rate at which your brakes reduce the vehicle speed is affected by the condition of your vehicle’s braking system. It’s therefore essential that your vehicle’s brakes are kept in top condition whether you’re driving around town or regularly use the motorway.

Brake checks can identify a problem before it affects your braking ability and provides an opportunity to optimize the effectiveness of your braking system. If you have any concerns about the brakes on your vehicle, for instance unusual noises or vibration when braking or excessive brake pedal travel, it is vital to get this checked without delay.

Body Works

Fort Garage specializes in car body work and repairs providing excellent service including estimation. For car body work and body repairs all kind of panel beating and rust removal will have your car looking fresh and new. Competitive prices, excellent customer relations and a highly experienced team ensure that when you retain our services it will be a hassle free experience in our garage.

Here at Fort Garage we handle your insurance claim for you. Simply call your insurance company get a claim reference number and we’ll process your claim.

Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignment is one of the main reasons for premature tyre wear. But it’s not only the front wheels to worry about- rear wheels can be out of alignment too.

As well as better fuel economy and smoother handling, correct wheel alignment will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and extend the life of your tyres. With all four wheels correctly aligned, your car will be safer on the road and easier on your pocket.

Signs of incorrect alignment: Wheel alignment should always be checked by an expert. Symptoms of incorrect alignment can be hard to detect but can include your car pulling to one side when you’re driving, or irregular wear appearing across the width of your tyres. The irregular wear is caused by the tyres not running correctly relative to the road surface.


Welding can be carried out at our workshops, or for more comprehensive repairs these would be carried out by our onsite body shop that would include the finish of your choice.

Cam Belts

If you have bought a second-hand car and don't know the history of the cam belt, we would advise you to get it changed at your earliest convenience. You can then be certain of how long the belt should last.

Most cam belts should be changed after 40-60,000 miles. Manufacturers of some models advise 100,000 miles for those cars. But the length of time you have had the cam belt should also be taken into consideration, as rubber deteriorates with age. If you only journey a few thousand miles each year, it is best to change your cam belt every five years to avoid it perishing.

The engines of newer cars come with a cam belt kit, to avoid failures on bearings. The entire kit, which means the idler pulleys and adjuster pulleys as well as the belt itself, must be changed at the intervals advised by the manufacturer.

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– Customer in Brighton
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